Michael Dewar "The Book of Life" and "The Master List Uncovered"
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About the Author

Michael Dewar is an ordained minister, mentor, spiritual wellness advocate, and conference speaker. He resides with his family in New York. He is founder and pastor of the New York Congregational Baptist Church. 

His latest book, The Book of Life & The Books of Wrath, published by Xulon Press was released April 2013 and is now available at book stores everywhere. Ther are two set of books in heaven. One set has the information of believers and is called The Book of Life; the other set has the records of unbelievers and is called, The Books of Wrath. You have the power to get your name in the right book, see how.

The Book of Life

 His previous book, The Master List Uncovered: The Hell-bound Crowd published in 209 is a compelling read on endtime events, and is also available. The Book of Life is companion to the master list. Get a complete picture endtime with both books.  

The Master List Uncovered is a trumpet call to people everywhere  to urgently contemplate life's destination, and try a redemptive change that leads to eternal life (John 3:16). Life offers only one of two destinations to choose from. we must choose while we are still alive in the body. 

Life is a journey and every journey has a destination. Destination choice must be made before death comes knocking. If you don't make the choice, it will be made for you. The Master List Uncovered shows you how the make the right choice for the right place.

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